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What Is A Carpenter?

A carpenter is someone who is armed with the specialize skill of making and constructing objects which are made mainly from wood, although they are sometimes made from other materials such as wood substitutes, steels and other. As member of the construction industry, they carry out a wide and extensive range of jobs that include construct of buildings, making of furniture, doors and several others. These skilled craftsmen do many different types of carpentry works and generally most of these jobs involve significant manual labor and work outdoors, especially in the case of rough carpentry.

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A passion for carpentry

Practically speaking, almost half of the works did for a house involved the works of carpenter. They are required when you need to make and install door, window frames, kitchen cabinets, framing walls and partitions, shaping furniture and many others.

For example, In residential jobs, carpenters crib the basement; build the house framework, walls, roof, exterior and interior finishes; and install doors, windows, flooring, cabinets, stairs, handrails, panelling, moulding and ceiling tiles.

In commercial or industrial jobs, carpenters build concrete forms, scaffolding, bridges, trestles, tunnels, shelters, towers and other structures.

In maintenance jobs, they repair and remodel existing structures of all kinds.

With so many different types of job scope being associated with carpenter, you can imagine that the responsibility of a carpenter is very wide and that’s why becoming a carpenter is not easy either. There is a lot of job expectation and requirement for a carpenter. They are expected to be able to read and interpret blueprints and drawings of the item that they are going to build or construct. They also need to acquire the knowledge on different types of wood and its quality such as grain, density and flexibility so that they are able to select and pick the right material for the project and thus make the best out of it. As a carpenter, they should be able to lay, measure, cut, join and put together various items and materials. Besides these, they are also expected to be able to use the various different types of tools available in assisting them to complete their job while as the same time, ensuring safety guideline is made.

As we see above, the job scope of a carpenter can be very wide and while there are people who are skilled and experience enough to do any job tasked, there are people who are just specialize in one or two areas. With the different levels of skilled set involved, corresponding, there are also a set of categories of carpentry terms that comes with it.

There are many different kinds of carpentry, such as:

Rough carpentry: As its name implies, a rough carpenter performs work that does not require a finishing touch to it. The most common job scope that comes to mind for rough carpentry are framing and roofing and therefore, a roofers and framers are considered as rough carpenters. They are expert in erecting skeletal structures of buildings, including beams, rafters and other large-scale work quickly and safely.

Finish carpentry: Right the opposite of rough carpentry, a finish carpenter might be skilled at making items like fine furniture, architectural models, inlays or finely crafted wood instruments. The finish carpenters are expected to excel at extremely fine measurements and intricate, beautiful woodwork.

Cabinet Maker: Many craftsmen are also specialized in making cabinet as well. A carpenter who is a cabinet maker will perform the work of making kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, dressers, storage chests and other furniture. It can be for used in kitchen, gallery or even office.

Trim carpentry: A trim carpenter specializes in moldings and other trims to spruce up a room. This includes baseboards, window trims, ceiling trim and mantles. It can also include cabinetry.

Ship carpentry: A ship’s carpenter is skilled at nautical carpentry and familiar with all phases of shipbuilding. A yachtsman might hire a ship’s carpenter to remodel a stateroom or repair a hull. Freighters or cruise ships normally keep a ship’s carpenter employed as a permanent hand in case repairs or maintenance is needed at sea.

Anytime you’re going to embark on a home improvement project, it is important to ensure that you hired a skilled carpenter as they could be the deciding factor to whether you have a poorly designed room with too little closet space, a kitchen with too few or far too many cabinets or a nicely built door. With so many skill areas to look at, you probably will be overwhelming as to whom to find and look for to hire for the works. Don’t panic. Talk to your contractor about your needs to finding the right person to get the carpentry works done and your contractor should have the right contacts for you.

It always feels good to live in a nicely designed and built home that look professional and presentable and you know you need a good and skilled carpenter to make it.

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Finish Carpentry – DIY or Hire?

Finish carpentry is one of the most important phases in a home improvement or building project as it receives the most attention and views. In layman terms, it is anything that completes the look of a house and its overall look and style. Finish carpentry cover a wide area; it is not only about the interior of a home, it includes siding, decking and even roofing; or simply put it, anything that is visible to your eyes.

So, whether you are building a new home or maybe you are just sick of your current home look and style and you are looking at renovating it, upgrading or making some simple changes here and there to give it a better look, it is very important that you considered carefully when it comes to making any decision on who to work on your finish carpentry project.

Finish Carpentry – Do It Yourself

A lot of people enjoy doing some simple finish carpentry works and jobs on their own, or what we all know, DIY. You may not be aware as well, but, maybe you are already doing some yourselves at one time or another.

DIY is getting more and more popular nowadays and that is not without any cause. For some reasons, it doesn’t make sense to hire a finish carpenter for every single repair or building jobs. Frankly, some of these tasks is quite simple and easy that it can be easily accomplished by doing it yourselves.

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Moreover, finish carpentry is a type of skills that required hands-on, something that need you to do and learn it through the process. As you start to work on the project, it is expected that you will face problems and nevertheless, you will learn to pick up the different technique to overcome and solve it and eventually, becomes accomplished in finish carpentry. That’s quite critical, especially in this economics crisis period, as it will save you a sum of money comparing to hire a professional finish carpenter who will cost you at least a few hundreds of dollars.

To DIY in finish carpentry, you will need to acquire some knowledge about it and the good news is, there are actually a lot of resources available for people who are interested in self help or do it yourself finish carpentry. There are many carpentry books in bookstores or online shop, videos, instructions and guides, carpentry classes, trainings and many others carpentry related website which can be easily found.

Once you explore and started to work on some simple finish carpentry jobs, you will find that quite a number of tasks within your house can be completed as a DIY project as well. But, as the same time, you need to recognize that there are some others that you are not able to handle them as they are too demanding and they needs the skill and precision of a professional finish carpenter.

It is important to recognize the fact that you are not a trained finish carpenter and therefore, there is a limitation as to what you can do. Work with what you think you can do and outsource or hire a finish carpenter for the more difficult jobs.

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Finish Carpentry, professionally done.

Finish Carpentry – Hire A Professional

There are literally hundreds and thousands of finish carpenters in the country and even within your city or estates, there will probably be quite a number of finish carpenters as well. While there are people who are expert at doing carpentry works, almost certainly there are people who overstated their ability as well.

That is why hiring a finish carpenter can be quite a difficult task at times.

Getting the right person for the job can directly decide the success or failure of the project. If you hire an uncooperative finish carpenter or your finish carpenter disappear for days or maybe they don’t give your project the proper attention and care, then you will have a big problem on hand.

So, it is always good to go through the normal route to hire the service of a finish carpenter, that is, ask, advise and check. Ask friends and relatives for good contact, then, check up references, pricing and types of projects they have done and try to get a chance to visit them on their worksite and view their jobs in progress. Once you are satisfied with the finish carpenter and decide to hire him, have a written contract to avoid any disputes in future.

One common mistakes made by many people when hiring finish carpenter is to go for the one who quoted the cheapest, it is wrong. While cost can be one of the criteria, never ever let it be the main deciding factor. It is a truth fact that everyone would love to save more, especially in this present economics period, but, going for the cheapest won’t guarantee you the best workmanship and result. It is all about beautifying your house and if the works is not satisfactory, you may end up spending more money to rectify the problem and repairing it. So, hire a skilled and experience carpenter that you have seen and confident that their workmanship is good enough for your budget. It can literally save you a lot of possible troubles later.

Building, renovating, upgrading or remodeling a home is not an easy process. It can be very time consuming and so, before you work on anything else, make a good decision between DIY or hire a finish carpenter.

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